Agent program

Agent Program





Agent Program is designed for you to become our sales partner to represent to, assist members, and promote sales of Premium Membership services ,advertisement on, verify sellers and  their Credit Reports, etc.) in your country or region.

In return ,pp4trade  offers the highest unsurpassed share in the revenue generated from your regional Premium Membership sales.

You, as an pp4trade agent, will be provided with pp4trade agent account and sales-materials to promote pp4trade Premium Membership services to the members in your country/region.

As you work as an pp4trade agent, your revenue will be highly increased and your sale capabilities will be greatly enhanced. We are now looking for self-motivated agents who have industry expertise and strong communication skills.

The experienced in trade consulting or online business such as e-commerce will be favored. If you are a professional in this market, do not hesitate to contact us, join us, support us and share in revenue with us.

What should you do as a PP4Trade?

               Sell Premium Membership Services, Advertisement on PPTrade, Credit Report, and Trade Verify, etc.

               Develop and then maintain sales network to maximize sales in your territory.

               Fully understand all PP4Trade websites and services including newly implemented services to assist members in your regions.

               -Keep in touch with PP4Trade Headquarter constantly and let us fully informed of your regional market condition.

               Participate in PP4Trade sales promotion events.

What kind of Premium services should you sell as an PPTrade Agent?

About Premium Membership Services


Ads on pp4trade

 Advertisement on will be viewed by,

                Strong advertisement effect by targeting global business people.


Agent Benefits


PP4trade’s products and supports help you make high revenue and reduce costs. Based on commitment and accomplishment achieved by agent, the program provides good margins for agent.

As an agent you will benefit from pp4trade’s own marketing and branding efforts, as well as its strong sales support. With the pp4trade Agent Program you can gain this huge competitive edge over your own competition.

Global B2B Marketplace is now creating tremendous business opportunities for those willing to experience the ride. You can get into high return business with pp4trade Agent Program.



How to become an EC21 Agent


Submit Information (For qualified applicant from the review)

Make a Contract

A pp4trade agent account will be provided to you


Apply for an Agent