Buyer Subscription Options


Buyer Subscription Options on the B2B E-Commerce Platform :


 Completely Free

You spend 3-4 minutes of your time to sign up and you have the opportunity to browse and have complete access to our platform and all the information.

What we offer:

a). Purchase via our platform or off-line without any charge.

b). Absolute access to our platform and all the information.

c). Full access to all manufacturers, producers, sellers with their data.

d). Unlimited Request for Quotation(RFQ), Buying Leads and Selling Leads.

e). Priority access to promotions.

f).  Fraud investigation for your potential customers.

g). You will have Personalized Customer Service for:

·        Your Dedicated Relationship Man (DRM) will ensure that you get one-on-one assistance, the highest level of support, guidance and timely resolution of your queries.

·        Also support with information about product quality, price comparison, shipping information, certifications, tracking the progress of your order and what else do you need.

Inspecting Your Goods (at a charge)

This Inspection of your order on loading or/and production comes at a charge - if you want it - depending on your requirements.

The inspectors will visit the manufacturers and/or port facilities and provide reports, including photos, to certify that the goods being produced and shipped meet standards specified in your contract and submits the inspection report online.

Types of inspections generally offered:

• During Production Inspection – a visual check on product type, quantity, and finished products during manufacturing.

• Final Random Inspection – a visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that the product type, quantity, and packaging conforming to your contract.

• Container Loading Check – supervision during container loading to ensure that the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity).

(E.g. Inspection of your order at loading  with a cost: 



20.001€ -   50.000€

1,4 %

50.001€ - 100.000€

1,0 %


0,7 %

If you want all types of inspection these values are doubled.