Buyer Info

Buyer Info

If you're an Agent, Wholesaler, Distributor, Reseller, Dealer, Retailer, Dropshippers, Affiliate, Importer or generally Buyer PP4Trade is the quickest and easiest way to purchase outstanding products and services, all in one site.

  • You can easily register interest in specific sectors, products or services and receive notifications of the latest relevant innovations before anyone else.
  • You can post specific requirements to be matched with a suitable supplier.

All of our vendors are checked and verified by PP4Trade  and have to meet strict criteria in order to showcase their products and services. The businesses are all export-ready and can take orders immediately.

It takes only a few minutes to register and ensure that you will be the first to discover ''PP4Trade '' products and services of your interest.

Things to Keep in Mind While Sourcing a Supplier

1.    Negotiate with sellers. When negotiating with a manufacturer, your goal should be to get a fair deal, not a good deal. If you try to squeeze the manufacturer’s margins, there may be a risk of manufacturer skimming on the quality of a product. If the manufacturer couldn’t deliver the product profitably, they can "disappeared".

2.     Many "manufacturers" are actually middlemen. You may not be dealing with the actual manufacturer.

3.     Unless it is a specialized product, more than likely there is more than one manufacturer selling it. Search around and get a few prices and samples from different suppliers.

4.     No matter how a supplier is designated by a B2B e-commerce web site, such as "Verified Supplier"  there is no guarantee that they will not cheat you nor on the quality of their products. Hundreds of such companies get reported or removed from B2B websites every day.

5.     Always ask for samples and references. Manufacturers will almost always say they can make a product according to your specifications. But in reality, is maybe one out of ten can actually do it. Don't take their word for It.

6.     The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is usually negotiable. However, you may have to pay more per unit for a lower MOQ.