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7.0 inch 2.4GHz Wireless Infrared TFT LCD FM Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Remote Camera Selling Lead Out Of Stock

7.0 inch 2.4GHz Wireless Infrared TFT LCD FM Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Remote Camera

Features:7 inch TFT LED colored display screen with 2.4G wireless audio video receiver.ABS plastic shell, lightweight and durable.Infrared LED for night-time vision, night-vision distance: 7m.Horizont..

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Anassa Fruits

Dark Chocolate Covered Orange..

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It is the first closed filled biscuit in Greece which became the most popular companion of Greek coffee. With soft hazelnut cocoa cream of hazelnut varieties from the coasts of the Black Sea, it is a ..

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Cabernet Red Wine

Category: Organic Regional Wine of Kozani. Varietal composition: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon - 50% Merlot.Harvest: End of August to early September for Merlot, first ten days of September for Cabernet..

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chocolate Selling Lead


This addition to our Classic Bar lineup is sweet, salty and irresistible, featuring rich dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt.•Organic   •Fair for Life   •Non-GMO Project certified•Soy Fr..

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Cookies Full 45 Chocolate

Delicious full 45 cookies the only ones with 45% cocoa cream, peanut butter or mastic cream. The slightly crispy surface is followed by a... lava cream, leaving cocoa, hazelnut or peanut butter aromas..

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Dogmatikos Roze

Dogmatikos Roze About the wine...A wine designed to showcase the aromas and the unique bouquet of the variety of Xinomavro.Wine regionNAOUSSA viticultural region, north-western Macedonia...

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Entechnos  About the wine…Artistic, a wine to drink it with relish as if ‘‘drinking a girl in a glass’’, according to an expression the Greeks often use, a wine of merlot - xinomavro artisti..

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Finest marmalade Selling Lead

Finest marmalade

Finest marmalade..

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FLORINAS RED ROASTED PEPPER. This is filet baked Florinas red peppers. It is Prepared during September and October, when the peppers ripen and obtain the appropriate color, sugars and the unique ..

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Handmade leather sandal..

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Greek Honey

Greek Honey, just carrying the moniker “Nectar of the Gods”, for over 3,000 years is a pretty good calling card!Many of you have traveled to Greece and/or perhaps have tasted Greek honey, ..

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HERBOUS HERBAL TEA  Stevia Selling Lead


In Herbous Herbal Tea we use steviol glycosides.This means that we use stevia inits pure form, namely as herb (leaves of theplant). Glycosides are extracted by the mostnatural way among the internatio..

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Lace Insert Geo Dress Selling Lead

Lace Insert Geo Dress

Lace Insert Geo Dress!- 100% Polyester- Model Wears Size (8-10)- L: 33" (Shoulder To Hem)..

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Makedoniko ouzo

Makedoniko ouzoThe excellent quality and the special fine aroma of Ouzo MAKEDONIKO is the result of careful distillation of aromatic plantsand Macedonian anise. Enjoy its special tastes on the rocks, ..

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