Online Fraud

Online Fraud - Our Policy


As international trade over the Internet increases, Internet-related fraud is also becoming more common.

With the rapid increase in transactions in the global market, we are witnessing a marked rise in the number of innocent victims of fraud.

At PP4Trade (Pure Products for trade)we are doing our utmost to minimize the financial losses sustained in such cases.

At present, when a user reports a case of fraud to us, we delete the suspect's offers and website and cancel their membership to guard against possible repeat offenses. We also maintain a blacklist of offenders to ensure that they do not gain admittance to PP4 at a later date. It is important to note that these steps may be taken on the suspicion of fraud, before obtaining evidence.

The PP4 Terms & Conditions provide that PP4 may cancel not only any member company's membership but also any member's registered offers at its own discretion.

PP4 cannot act as a mediator in disputes between companies regarding cases of fraud.

By its very nature, international fraud is extremely difficult to prosecute, and while small cases are frequent, few are resolved satisfactorily. 

Fraud is an inherent risk in any business transaction when trading either online or offline.

While choosing a supplier or buyer, the best way for buyers and sellers to reduce the potential for fraud is to conduct proper due diligence before entering into any transaction.

Our platform has a Global Blacklist database containing suppliers, buyers, and companies from all over the world that was registered for fraud, unresolved disputes or misleading practices.

You can ask us to investigate if your potential customer is suspicious.

    You do not want to do business with any of the company listed. You can also search Google for the company and see if there are any complaints against it.

All PP4 members are advised to be vigilant at all times.