Zeotec Fertfill Zeo

Zeotec Fertfill Zeo
  • Improves soil aeration and enriches its elements, in combination with the macro (N, P, K) of ZEOtec fertilizer series, and nutrients that binds and regulates. This achieves crop growth, as the soil becomes more effective because of the improvement in physico-chemical and nutritional skills.
  • Offers impressive results in the growth of the plant, increases the resistance of the root system in parasitic diseases (eg nematodes), increasing the production and quality of agricultural products.
  • By using less fertilizer and water, promotes good land management and pollution reduction.
  • Strongly favors olive crops, vines, rice, potato, tomato, cucumber, pepper, citrus trees and oporoforon, increasing production and the product quality and sustainability, specially when contained in the fertilizers granule, and t.

Zeolite 20%
Calcium Ca0 47%
Potassium K20 0.25%
Silicon Si0 7%
Magnesium Mg0 19%
Iron Fe 0.1%

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