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Cabernet Red Wine

Category: Organic Regional Wine of Kozani. Varietal composition: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon - 50% Merlot.Harvest: End of August to early September for Merlot, first ten days of September for Cabernet..

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Chardonnay White Wine

Category: Organic Regional Wine of Kozani.Varietal Composition: Chardonnay 50% - Malagouzia 50%Harvest: Mid August.Vinification: Vinification starts with a process of maceration prior to fermentation ..

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Damaskinos      PGO Naoussa About the wine  Damaskinos means aromas of prune in Greek,this wine got its name from these aromas prune that you can find in itNAOUSSA viticu..

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Dogmatikos Roze

Dogmatikos Roze About the wine...A wine designed to showcase the aromas and the unique bouquet of the variety of Xinomavro.Wine regionNAOUSSA viticultural region, north-western Macedonia...

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Entechnos  About the wine…Artistic, a wine to drink it with relish as if ‘‘drinking a girl in a glass’’, according to an expression the Greeks often use, a wine of merlot - xinomavro artisti..

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Imeros About the wine…Imeros means desire in ancient Greek, it is a whole world of passion and pleasure a reference to the ancient Greece, wine was at this time a source of inspiration for..

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Local Rosé wine

Category: Organic Regional Wine of Kozani.Varietal composition: 100% Cinsaut.Harvest: The variety are harvest mid to late September.Vinification: Immediately after harvesting and destemming the must i..

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Local white wine

Category: Organic Regional Wine of Kozani.Variety: Roditis 60% & Uni blanc 40%.Harvest: Both varieties are harvested after mid-September.Vinification: The wine production starts with a process of ..

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Naousa wines

Imiglikos in Greek mean half-sweet; it is the most famous wine for everyday consumption in all the taverns in Greece.  ....

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Naoussa       PGO Naoussa                                             ..

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Naoussa Grande Reserve

Naoussa Grande Reserve    PGO Naoussa About the wine…Naoussa has been and is still one of the few classic reds from Greece.Depending on the aging philosophy, you will find Naouss..

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red wine

red wine..

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Roma Italia Selling Lead

Roma Italia

Southern Italy’s extreme heat gives the Moscato Giallo grape a refreshing zing that makes the Dry Muscat wine perfect as a mouth-watering, palate stimulating apéritif.Excite and prepare y..

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San Basile

The Matera Greco is a flavoursome wine with a strong herbal aroma that makes it the perfect accompaniment to fragrant Mediterranean dishes and coastal foods, including fish, shell-fish, muscles, pasta..

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