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Halvas with extra imitation chocolate

FlavoursImitation chocolate..

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Halvas with extra kakao and orange

FlavoursKakao / orange..

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Halvas with extra pistachio


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Driven by the respect towards the modern consumer’s needs and habits, we created anew and at the same time innovative product with extra love and care.Herbous Herbal Tea (decoction tea made of h..

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HERBOUS HERBAL TEA  Stevia Selling Lead


In Herbous Herbal Tea we use steviol glycosides.This means that we use stevia inits pure form, namely as herb (leaves of theplant). Glycosides are extracted by the mostnatural way among the internatio..

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Herbs Collection

Collection of various herbs ..

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Honey Amphora

Discover the intense aroma, rich taste and indulge in the pleasures of honey offer you our new varieties. Honey is sweet, fluid, nutritional substance produced by bees and store their honeycombs creat..

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Honey Melin

Honey Melin packing from 400g to 900g and Portions of 20gr..

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Honey natural Chios Mastic

Honey as human food is one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthier foods. It gives energy to the muscles, clarity in mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Regular use gives vital..

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Honey Regina

Honey Regina..

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Imeros About the wine…Imeros means desire in ancient Greek, it is a whole world of passion and pleasure a reference to the ancient Greece, wine was at this time a source of inspiration for..

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Lifetime2 yearsStorage ConditionsCool, dry place.When the jar is opened, shouldthereafter be kept in the refrigerator.Made from seasonal fruits withtraditional&..

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Jam collection

Various jams with fruit tasty..

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Bioagros in cooperation with a family in Thessaloniki active in the production of Greek coffee since 1893 picked for you selected varieties of organic coffee. The blend was named froth. Ideally roast ..

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