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Bitter Kola

Bitter kola (also known as Garcinia kola) is cultivated from a flowering plant that is native to subtropical or tropical regions of Africa.The benefits of bitter kola are wide ranging, as it has been ..

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Fresh Pomegranate

The Wonderful variety of pomegranate with sweet taste, plentiful juice and health benefits that may help with heart disease, cancer and problems associated with aging.  It’s loaded with ant..

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MAGLINI, ADAMOPOULOUVarious varieties from late September to late January..

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VARIOUS VARIETIESFrom late September to late January..

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BEMPEKOU, TIRVI, TIRINTHOU, ΝΙΜΡΑ, ΤΟΜ ΚΟΤBEMPEKOU : From early May to late June. Spherical shape with a light yellow color. Slim without pulp fib..

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SOUPERIOR, SOULTANINASOUPERIOR : pitted variety from mid-July to mid-August.SOULTANINA : pitted variety from mid-August to mid-October..

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ΝΑVALINES, ΝΑVEL, SALOUSTIANA, VALENCIANAVALINES : Early variety from late October to mid-January. Spherical shaped, slightly oval, of medium size, with a small navel. Fruit with ple..

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ΚLIMENTINES, NOVAΚLlMENTINES : Early tangerines without pits from late October to late January. The fruit is aromatic, sweet without spores. Highly fragrant peel.NOVA : Late variety with h..

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Kissavos Apples

In the area of ​​Agia Larissa, about 20% of the apple production is grown in Greece, which means that it is the most dynamic in the whole territory. Agia has been cultivating apples since about 1..

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Kissavos Chestnuts Melivia

The history of chestnut production and trade goes back to the ancient years. Writings specify that the area was a trade center. Today we can find chestnut cultivations all over Kissavos. Intensificati..

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Kissavos Golden apple

A very popular commercial variety, with a good flavour. Inherits many of the good qualities of its parents Jonathan and Golden Delicious...

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Kissavos Granny Smith Apples

You already know fruit is an indispensable part of your diet, and Granny Smith apples are one of the healthiest choices you can make. With a distinct tart flavor, they're among the lower-sugar fru..

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Kissavos Kiwi

The kiwi fruit is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and minerals. It also has more vitamin C than any other fruit, if only to be consumed immediately after cutting, to avoid losing vitam..

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Kissavos Quinces

 Fruits are light golden-yellow, green or orange, usually pear shaped (but sometimes round and apple-shaped and very fragrant. The fruit pulp is firm, aromatic and always contains gritty cells. I..

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Kissavos Starkin Apples

Gala apples are covered in a thin yellow to orange skin, highlighted with pink to red stripes that vary in hue dependent upon the apples maturity. Their dense flesh is creamy yellow and crisp, offerin..

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