Driven by the respect towards the modern consumer’s needs and habits, we created a
new and at the same time innovative product with extra love and care.
Herbous Herbal Tea (decoction tea made of herbs) is the first Greek natural herbal tea,
100% of herbs grown in the Greek land. This innovative and unique combination of herbs
contributed to the creation of a product with beneficial properties for the human organism.
Herbous Herbal Tea does not contain herbs requiring a doctor’s prescription. For its preparation
we use the proper amount of carefully picked herbs to ensure their high quality and

the preservation of all their sensory elements, so that they keep their beneficial effects for
the human organism without acting as a pharmaceutical product.

Herbous Herbal Tea doesn’t contain sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and colorants,
all harmful for the human organism. The beneficial properties of the herbs contained
in Herbous Herbal Tea are primarily due to the co-existence of the herbs’ numerous
elements, contributing to the improvement of our metabolism. Herbous Herbal Tea,
in its two different recipes existing until today, improves the inception of the food’s nutritious
elements, the detoxication of the organism  and the provision of energy to the brain.
Herbous Herbal Tea is of low energy value, since it is sweetened exclusively with stevia.
However, due to the collaboration of its numerous herbs, it flushes toxins out of the organism
by improving diuresis. More specifically Louiza [lemon verbena] and fennel seed
are the most suitable herbs for losing weight. The organism’s detoxification and proper hydration
as well as the metabolism regulation together with its low energy value make
Herbous Herbal Tea the perfect beverage for weight loss.


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